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ANdrew VanSickle

The inspiration for the Ezzard Charles statue was unexpected and immediate.  I became a resident of the City West area in the summer of 2014. I would walk my pug around the neighborhood a few times a day. My dog attracted much attention from the young children and teens wanting to meet and pet him.  It was with these interactions, I become fond of the conversations with the neighborhood "kids" 

The question I would always ask was"tell me, who was Ezzard Charles?" Some kids would point to the Ezzard Charles street sign on the corner. Others had no idea who this man was. The Cincinnati Cobra who would run up and down the street from Music Hall to Union Terminal almost daily.

The boxing legend, lived in this neighborhood. Worked out in Laurel park. This was his community that helped create his "greatness". Ezzard Charles needed a statue to let the "kids" and any other Cincinnatian or any other visitor to the Queen City, how great this man was.

I feel strongly that Cincinnati citizens and the legions of boxing fans will come together to make this happen. Here we are. Laurel Park is the ideal city location were the statue will stand and be admired for eternity.